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The destroyed lives of innocent children… — June 8, 2018

The destroyed lives of innocent children…

Go look at this link if you dare. Trump, the Trump Administration and ICE are animals.

“Donald Trump and his cohorts are pure evil.”

Reject them.




and, we got turkeys… — May 4, 2018

and, we got turkeys…

so, my neighbor has been feeding wildlife close to our property for several years. This is actually illegal; the practice creates artificially expanded wildlife populations. Now we have an overflow. We found these turkey eggs under one of our olive trees today. The hen waddled away with a limp; this must be why we found them in such an unlikely place. Usually we don’t see hide or hair of our turkeys’ eggs. Just plenty of birds. Anyway…


Pretty things, huh?

And, a turkey egg, asparagus and ham quiche – and it was really good…