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Humboldt Growers Collective has seeds… — November 30, 2017

Humboldt Growers Collective has seeds…

Humboldt Growers Collective has a selection of 2017 cannabis seeds available to its members. These were propagated and harvested here on the farm. Please get in touch if you would like more information. You must have proof of your 215 and join the Collective.

You can reach us at

We plan to offer many stains. A few are shown below; email us to find out what else we have available.

One of the strains the Collective can offer is Grand Daddy Purple. This is an F3 that has been backcrossed to its 2016 parent.


Another of the strains the Collective can offer is Harlequin Tsunami, known for its CBD rich cannabis. This is also an F3 – based on the original work of Larry Ringo.


And then, we have our own OG strain; this is in part based on Rascal and our own developed OG, which we call Hez. Continue reading

June 2016 Larry OG sea of green… — June 11, 2016
When your plant triggers and begins flowering… — May 17, 2015

When your plant triggers and begins flowering…

This first image is OG Kush in a light deprivation greenhouse. The bud’s size, about the size of a quarter, indicates that it is at the three week mark in a nine to ten week run. The next six weeks will now focus on getting the buds as large as possible – time to switch to blooming agent. Pick off those fan leaves to expose your developing buds to the light.


This next picture shows OG Kush a week earlier. This would not be the time for heavy leafing.


Yeah, it only took a week.