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Stress | Anxiety and Cannabis — April 8, 2017

Stress | Anxiety and Cannabis

Greetings all!

Today I’m going to address a few ailments that I’ve struggled with nearly my entire life in hopes to bring awareness to this very real problem.  In 1987 I experienced my first earthquake at age 13, it was the single most terrifying experience ever.  All of a sudden out of no where the earth started to shake violently, I saw my mother tossed side to side down our hallway, I saw my dad nearly drop to his knees while trying to grab my mother, my brothers running around not knowing what to do and me, I was just frozen. And then just like that it was all over!  And that my friends was the first time I experienced an anxiety attack, I had no idea what was going on, all I knew was my heart was racing, I was hyperventilating, all I could do was point and cry, I couldn’t muster the words to speak, I was literally frozen with fear.

As an adult I still experience panic/anxiety attacks. I was hopped up on all sorts of pharmaceuticals for anxiety/depression, OCD, anything they could give a pill for they did and I happily took it. From early 20’s until my late 30’s I popped pills for back pain, stress/anxiety/depression, and quite honestly, I just wanted to feel numb, until I was put into a situation where a friend rescued me with cannabis.

My mother lived in Colorado during the time she had a stroke and there was nothing I could do, I felt lost and helpless.  I was on the phone with doctors, neurosurgeons and the nurses, my mother was being well taken care of. Me on the other hand, no so much.  I had to keep it together for my mother and my kids who were visiting her at the time.  I hadn’t slept in nearly 3 days, I was exhausted, my stress and anxiety was so severe I was physically ill throwing up, horrible headaches, feeling of nausea never ceased, uncontrollable shaking and that feeling of nervousness, I just couldn’t shake it.

My good friend who’s an old time hippie handed me a little bubbler, a container of some OG and a little silicone jar of wax.  She showed me how to pack the bubbler and incorporate the wax, she said it will help with sleep as well as take the edge off. Honestly, I didn’t believe her, all I could think about was how paranoid I got thinking the Anaheim Police were flying over my house after my buddy and I smoked a blunt in my back yard when we were 18.

I broke off some wax, placed it on top of my cannabis, lit up, took a hit, and holy moly cow – that first hit, that first head high, it was GLORIOUS! I immediately felt relaxed, I couldn’t believe it!  I took another couple of hits, walked around my house and started to giggle thinking to myself “omg, I’m so high, this is so great!”.  Before I knew it, I was waking up the next day totally refreshed and revived.  I didn’t want to open my eyes, I didn’t want to face the possibility of feeling “hung over” from smoking cannabis.  Much to my surprise, I wasn’t hung over, I felt amazing, I was finally able to get the sleep I needed! I instantly fell in love with cannabis!

As stated in last weeks blog, everyone has to experiment with flower, concentrates and edibles to find what works best.  Personally, heavy Indica’s are a favorite for night time and sleep.  I still suffer from anxiety but am well in tune with my body, and can get a handle on it once the onset of it starts to surface.  If I don’t want a heavy Indica during the day, I typically will smoke or vape a Hybrid, Indica dominate oil or flower.  If I know I’m going to be in a stressful situation like festivals or business conferences where there’s thousands of people running around, I’ll take a small dose of an edible and always have my vape pen on me locked and loaded.

Toke on friends, cannabis is a clean and pure medicine for multiple ailments.  Check out some of these links for more information:

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Best Cannabis to Relieve StressDSC01253


Cannabis Edibles….What you should know about dosing. — March 29, 2017

Cannabis Edibles….What you should know about dosing.

As a practicing medicinal cannabis patient I’ve had to experiment with multiple cannabis products to find what works best for my ailments.  I’ve had to smoke a lot of different kinds of cannabis before I found the perfect Sativa and Indica.  Edibles, flowers and concentrates all have a different “high”, and each induce a different effect, and I use each one for different times of the day.

My first recommendation is to listen to your bud tender, more times than not they have been trained and have also tried the products they work with so as to better serve the patient. Always start with a low dosage, you can always build the high, but you can’t “un-eat” the edible, start slow and low.  I typically wait 30-45 minutes after I eat an edible, if you see the effect is less than desirable, take 1/2 of a dose, at this point you will have consumed 1 1/2 doses, build 1/2 dose at a time and wait up to 30 minutes to gage full effect of the medicine.  I always suggest to first time patients of edibles to try the treats at home, be in a safe and comfortable environment.  You’ve all heard stories of patients consuming too much of an edible and being couch locked, don’t fret, the worst thing that will happen is you’ll fall asleep.  Keep in mind, edibles are a “body” high, whereas smoking/dabbing is a “head” high.  Follow the recommended dosage on the package, and wait, and then wait some more, then slowly add until you reach the sedation that suits you.

Edibles are great for pain management and insomnia. Once you’ve gaged your target dosage, I personally slowly incorporated flower into the night regimen. I typically smoke a heavy Indica for night-time which helps relax me until the edible kicks in.  During the day if I’m experiencing back pain (due to roll-over car accident) I can pretty much have my pick of any of these lovely strains and more: Girl Scout Cookie, Jack Herer, & Tangie.  GSC is a bit of a heavy hybrid, but still a go to favorite.  Both Jack and Tangie are lighter Sativas that also help if you struggle with anxiety and depression.

I have a patient who is a Veteran, and Veterans have a very special place in my heart (if you are a Veteran reading this, or Active Duty, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!), he completed several tours in Afghanistan, needless to say he came home with debilitating PTSTD.  He started to recognize he was becoming anti-social, was becoming increasingly agitated, slowly falling into a funk.  He reached out and as mentioned in the beginning he had to experiment with different products to see what works best for him.  Much to my surprise he contacted me a few days later letting me know he took a dose of edible the night before, “I’m a square in at work and damn, this is awesome! No anxiety, feel balanced, great energy”.  His message brought tears to my eyes, a Veteran, a man who willingly fought for his country and whether we agree or disagree on our government and politics, the fact remains the same, these men and women put their lives on the line for each and every one of us.  To be able to assist a Veteran, and help improve his quality of life is more than I could have ever wished for.

The cat’s out of the bag!  There is medicinal use for cannabis which targets multiple ailments. Our senior citizens are turning to cannabis as it’s showing to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Remember – no matter what edible you ingest, start small, wait (did we mention wait) and discover what works for you.

Please click on the links below for some helpful information and resources:

MedicalJane: Introduction to Edibles

HelloMD: Best Edibles for Insomnia

LeafScience: Beginners Guide to Cannabis Edibles

Photo By: Rebekah L. Baez

Edibles: Homemade by our very own ranch cultivator, Gale.DSC00987

Hiring is over for this year… — March 19, 2017
Demonizing Our Farmers… —

Demonizing Our Farmers…

There are always bad apples. But the demonizing of our local Humboldt growers as a group is not innocent; nor is it warranted. It is not innocent as there often seems to be an agenda as a subtext to this kind of thing. It is unwarranted because our County’s growing community has hundreds and hundreds of hardworking, and kind, people who are NOT trying to take advantage of anyone. Or cheat; or steal.

I feel that the people who are pushing this narrative need to get off their high horse and start looking for ways to better our situation, instead of trying to shut down the local farmers through innuendo.

A recent fictional story on Redheaded Blackbelt tried to capitalize on the false perception that growers are all mentally addled low lifes. We have a problem with low lifes, no doubt; but it is not our farmers.

The narrative that is sensational is not always the real one.

What about the farmer whose latest employee couldn’t get back to Spain, so they gave her the money she needed and didn’t ask anything? Come on, people are helping people all over Humboldt.

What about the farmer that paid their worker their fair compensation even though that worker cut loose and left them hanging? They could have said screw you, but they didn’t.

What about the farmer that can hire the same people over and over again, thus helping them to have a steady income? Could this be the action of someone trying to rip their worker off?

Just like the police officer that stopped to help an elderly man to change his tire recently – the action of a real human being – our farmers are real human beings – not caricatures of some imaginary bad guy.

Humboldt Growers is looking for a Cultivator… — December 17, 2016

Humboldt Growers is looking for a Cultivator…


We are interested in filling our new position of Cannabis Cultivator. Please email us a cover letter, resume and your references if you are interested.

This job could start immediately. Our Cannabis Cultivator will interface closely with our Product and Field Managers. Our farm team is project oriented. You will assist at every level of cannabis production.

We are a small nursery, offering both nursery products as well as cannabis products. Just now, the focus in the nursery will be on our wholesale maples and our herbal products; while the focus of our cannabis products will be directed to seeds, clones and medicinal preparations. We want to win awards this year!

We are very rural; housing in town is very limited so we offer some options on the Ranch. If you do not want to live and work in the country, don’t bother with us. If it seems that we might be a fit, we would like to interview you.

We are looking for professional candidates who realize the potential of a job with us. We want people who can think outside the box. Perhaps that person is you.

Please get in touch. Thanks.

steve / Box 1666, Redway, CA 95560


No on Prop S and Prop 64 — October 30, 2016

No on Prop S and Prop 64

Both Prop S, the County cannabis tax proposal and Prop 64, the State cannabis legalization initiative, are disasters. These proposals are both poorly thought out. And Prop 64 smacks of collusion with big money and big corporations. Without question, these proposed laws need to be defeated.

Raising tax dollars on the County’s cannabis cultivation is not a crazy idea. That revenue could help the residents of Humboldt. But the effort must be delayed until farmers have had an opportunity to establish themselves. Immediately charging Humboldt cannabis farmers, at minimum, $5000 to $10,000 per year (not to mention a possible $15,000 to $30,000 per year) will put a severe damper on our growers; in fact, this tax will almost certainly push cannabis farmers back into the black market and probably keep them there. Why is the County so coy about when cannabis farmers will need to pay these square foot taxes? Is it before planting or is it at harvest? There are a lot of bumps between one and the other. Proposition S is too much, too soon.

Prop 64, AUMA, is a disaster for California and its cannabis farmers. AUMA is very poorly thought out legislation. It smacks of big money and big corporations attempting to set the law up to benefit them and, in the end, not the small farmer. There are many problems with this initiative, but, perhaps, the biggest issue is that it will almost certainly drive, again, the cannabis farmers who are attempting to become compliant with the law back into the black market. This black market has supported the illegal growers for many years and if new laws attempt to overly restrict or overly tax these growers, they will throw their hands up.

Humboldt Growers Collective urges each of you to vote against both Proposition S and Proposition 64.
Thank you.

Steve Dodge
Humboldt Growers Collective, Garberville, CA

No on AUMA — September 17, 2016

No on AUMA

The timing is wrong on AUMA; MRRSA needs more time to settle in. Basically, MRRSA is the State’s first chance at dealing with the cannabis black market – and, frankly, there is every reason to think that the black market will lead the industry for several more years. We are asking farmers to come out from behind the curtain, but not providing the assurances or the necessary help they need to do so. Farmers in Humboldt think that AUMA is just another scam intended to benefit the wealthy and the established at the expense of the local farmer.

Why not just modify, thru the legislature, the current MRRSA regulations? This would, at least, help to cut out the suspiciously wealthy middle men brokering the AUMA effort. This would, at least, let the People speak on this – thru their legislators. AUMA, itself, is written to try and satisfy too many players:

No smoking while walking; what’s this? It will certainly be ignored and it will provide a pretext for arrest.

Inability to reduce prices on products when needed; sometimes, what you grow is just not up to standard, but with AUMA, you will be stuck with it.

Helps the small farmer for a very small window; so the law will hold off the onslaught on the small farmer for a short while – that’s nice.

No samples; will cannabis be a legal business or not?

Why jail time for more than six plants per individual; this is absurd. How about a fine?

Regulations and taxes hammer the small farmer too hard; this is true of MRRSA as well. In fact, this issue is the one thing that could kill MRSSA’s success. It will destroy AUMA’s chances as well. People will fall back on California’s very well entrenched black market.

Finally, why is law enforcement given such leeway with a product that would be legal. Why can law enforcement enter any cannabis business without warrant and “inspect”? Sounds like a pretext for arrest again.

This law is setting the State up for failure. Humboldt Growers Collective does not support this and urges you to also reject this Initiative.

Thank you.

Steve Dodge
Humboldt Growers Collective, Garberville

Humboldt Growers is hiring… — August 20, 2016

Humboldt Growers is hiring…


Hello again,

We have hired our staff for 2017 –  a bunch of nice folks. But Humboldt Growers would still like to hear from you if you would have been interested. We would be happy to keep your interest letter on file – things change. You never know, eh?




Humboldt Growers Collective is seeking job applicants as we ramp up into the developing cannabis industry. Below are summaries of the job descriptions available…

We are seeking to develop a unique company culture for Humboldt Growers. We want people who will fall enchanted to the woods that surround us; people who won’t hesitate to jump into our pond…

Nursery/Field Manager
– a small, off-grid, commercial nursery that includes a cannabis farm
– ability to work in a rural constrained environment
– manage staff
– interface with sales/marketing and product management
– general mechanical experience / generator systems, water systems…
– experience with IPM application of fertilizer and pesticide
– project oriented
– includes genetics and cloning

Processing Manager

– supervise cloning and propagation
– interface closely with sales/marketing & nursery/field manager
– interface between our customer and our product
– handle all cannabis processing and nursery product development
including harvest
–  handle packaging and shipping of all nursery product
– project oriented

– interface closely with Product Manager & Nursery Manager
– create all marketing material
– handle web presence
– handle sales and support
– project oriented

Apprentice Cultivators (2)
– project oriented
– handle nursery and cannabis farm maintenance



Humboldt Growers 2016 genetics… — July 15, 2016

Humboldt Growers 2016 genetics…

We are working on a mazari/cookie cross. It is looking good – very early, mazari rugged and cookie sweet…

Just harvested the test buds. These should be THC high – should be real good for pain relief. We will test em soon.



Another experiment – mazari crossed with purple urkle


and, finally, urkle crossed to urkle.

We are planning that these crosses will stabilize into very early, very tough and very powerful cannabis. We will see..

Don’t bother with AUMA — June 19, 2016

Don’t bother with AUMA

AUMA is a poorly written initiative. MRRSA, at least, went through the legislature. Neither of these attempts at legalization have negated Federal law. That is about to change.

The DEA is re-scheduling cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 on August 1, 2016. This essentially means that cannabis will be legal with a prescription across the country; this is called federal preemption, which means federal law overrides state law. It also means that the status quo of medical cannabis in California will remain the same. You need a doctor to ensure that you need this medicine. And, it implies that cannabis use, even if recreational, will require a doctor’s prescription – kinda makes AUMA pointless, especially when you consider that MMRSA actually covers our bases already.

This is even a more definitive assurance that cannabis will no longer be prosecuted as a crime in California than the October, 2015 California Federal District Court ruling that banned the DEA from going after cannabis businesses who follow the law. Cannabis legalization is firmly walking into the main stream.

Next stop – drop AUMA and amend MMRSA for recreational use through our legislature.

Write your representative and tell them so.