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The Sisters of the Valley visited the Ranch… — September 24, 2017

The Sisters of the Valley visited the Ranch…

The Sisters of the Valley, otherwise known as The Weed Sisters, came up to the Ranch last Thursday for a photo shoot with the British documentary film company Salon Pictures. We put together some lunch with staff and helped them out. They were a lot of fun.




I interviewed them on my radio show, KMUD’s The Cannabis Show, airing each Thursday from 530 to 600PM. The show archives and streams at Sister Kate, the one in the middle in the picture, is quite outspoken about helping those in medical need.

I found them to be dedicated to their task. A “sisterhood”, while not related to any conventional religion, that is doing the good work.

Humboldt Growers has first seeds… — September 12, 2017

Humboldt Growers has first seeds…

Humboldt Growers Collective will be soon releasing older 2015 seed stock to its members. And by November, we will have our 2017 offerings available. These seeds are grown on a farm close to Garberville in Humboldt County, California at approximately 1260 feet elevation. We are in a Zone 9 growing area.

These 2015 seeds germinated just fine this year when we were doing our backcrosses. But, do keep in mind that as seeds age into their third year, their quality begins to drop.  Our 2015 batch of seed was very robust, so we are still offering them, but at a discount. Below are some pictures from 2016 specimens that will give you an idea of what to expect.

This cannabis strain is a hybrid of Purple Urkle and our ranch Mazari, it is an F1. It produces fine color and aroma; good tight buds; but, more importantly, it is Mazari tough and very early – looks like full maturity about six weeks after flowering begins.


Email to become a Collective member. We welcome any questions.

Our seed moms – looking coy… — September 1, 2017
Humboldt Growers farm manager position is open – career starts in January. — August 20, 2017

Humboldt Growers farm manager position is open – career starts in January.

This is a unique job. You must be highly skilled in large scale cannabis cultivation. You should know as much as the boss does – that’s forty years of experience. You must be able to work with a team – if you cant work easily with people, do not bother to apply.

You must be passionate about living in the country and about creating a success in the new emerging cannabis industry. Here, you die trying.

This is not a training facility. If you don’t have it walking in, then we don’t want you on staff.

There is no glory here, just hard work.

The job involves far more than just cannabis. The farm is a wholesale ornamental tree nursery; a 350 tree olive orchard; and a cannabis nursery and cultivation farm.

Humboldt Growers is fucking serious; we are part owners in a dispensary; we have a radio show; we mean what we are doing. We wholly own our land; unlike our competition, who are in debt. We are licensed to grow in Humboldt County. We have elaborate infrastructure already in place. We are ahead of the game; we mean what we are doing.

You are about to talk with owners that have 80 years of collective cannabis experience in our family.

And you heard that right, we are a family operation.

Our perfect Field Manager has

– more than mere technical proficiency in cannabis growing
– beginner’s mind; not a beginner
– can think two steps ahead, always
– able to lead teams and interact well with people (2 or more)
– organized

– shared living situation
– manager has own sleeping cabin
– manager has office space & work wi-fi access
– well water
– farm-generated electricity
– we got a pond
– real country beautiful – bears, mountain lions and the real woods

– farm management involves
– care of the wholesale/retail nursery – japanese maples mainly
– care/harvest of 350 olive tree orchard
– planting/care/harvest of 10K sq ft of cannabis cultivation – awards!
– ranch maintenance – machinery and systems
– infrastructure
– automatic water systems

If you want to be considered for our team, to be a part of what we are doing, send your resume and references to


the other owner:

There is glory. The kind of glory one experiences climbing Mount Everest or winning a catamaran race by working in perfect unison with his comrades. The feeling of free American blood pumping through your veins.

This is not about cannabis. This is the free world’s and America’s last stand against the pharmaceutical companies and big business monopolies. Cannabis is the world’s and America’s opportunity to re-write the rules in favor of small family run business providing higher quality products and personalized service. The other states will get on board or they will tank.

There has only ever been one front line. If you want to be part of winning this war…..pick up a shovel and come to work in Humboldt County. With your commitment we will all win or we will die trying.

Humboldt Growers Unite!


We are done with talk but no walk; we are done with short-sighted people whose thinking stops with themselves only; we are done with the yahoos and this fucking transition out of the black market; we are done. If you are part of the old paradigm, don’t apply.

first 2017 harvest… — July 6, 2017
Indica, Sativa & Hybrid – What Are Differences? — May 4, 2017

Indica, Sativa & Hybrid – What Are Differences?

It’s a beautiful, HOT, sunny day at Humboldt Growers.  This season at Humboldt Growers we have planted GSC (Girl Scout Cookie, “Cookie”), Headband and Jack Herer.



GSC: A popular hybrid, it’s a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, giving a sweet/earthy scent. The effects of the this particular strain according to Leafly are: happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted and creative.  The medicinal aspect of the strain helps with stress, pain, depression, lack of appetite and headaches.  Cookie has an earthy sweet scent that is also pungent.


Headband:  Also a hybrid is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel, she has a smooth, creamy smoke with hints of lemons and a bit of diesel.  Headband’s effects will include: happy, relaxed, uplifted, euphoric, and creative.  Medicinally Headband will target stress, depression, pain, nausea and fatigue.  Headband has an earthy, diesel scent that is quite pungent, she’s delicious!


Jack Herer: A very popular and one of my favorite Sativa dominate strains named after the cannabis activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.  Jack Herer is a cross of Haze with Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk.  JH effects are happy, uplifted, energetic, euphoric and creative, whereas it’s medicinal benefits help with stress, depression, pain, fatigue and lack of appetite.  JH has an earthy, pine and woodsy scent, perfect for a day hike in the beautiful Redwood Forrest.


Today, we’re going to break down the differences between Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains.  Back in the day I don’t ever recall having so many choices, but then again I wasn’t what you would call a weed connoisseur .  When I first started using medical cannabis I was at a loss, I had no idea where to start or what to research, there was just so much information out there, it was overwhelming.  And oh my goodness, walking into a dispensary for the first time was beyond intimidating, I walked in and walked right back out, took me nearly a year to step foot into another shop.

The first noticeable difference between indica and sativa strains is the plants structure. Indica plants have shorter, wider leaves, and are typically darker in green, they can grow up to 4 feet tall making them ideal for indoor grows.  The sativa plant has longer more narrow leaves, she is lighter in green color and can grow upwards of 20 feet, making it perfect for your outdoor grow.

Indica strains typically have sedating/relaxing effects which induce a full body high thus giving a “couch-lock” feeling.  Indica’s are great to treat body pain, muscle relaxation, reduce seizures, sleep aid, nausea suppressant and also helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Grab a movie, blanket and your favorite munchies, kick your feet up and enjoy the relaxing effect of your favorite indica.

Sativa’s are best known for their uplifting effects providing energy and creativity, it’s a fabulous strain to get the creative juices flowing.  Sativa’s generally provide stimulation and energy making it a good “wake and bake” and mid-day smoke.  Sativa’s are great to smoke while on a hike in the beautiful Redwood Forrest, a day at the beach or just shopping for some fresh, yummy, local produce at the farmers market.  Sativa’s are also know for fighting depression, and increases focus and creativity.

Hybrid cannabis is a cross between Indica and Sativa plants, most genetics are of some sort of hybrid.  Hybrid cannabis takes the best of both worlds, some strains are indica dominate, while others are sativa, and there are also 50/50 hybrid strains.

I found a little web-site that I like to call the “Weed Bible” a.k.a. Leafly.  This is my go to site for most things cannabis.  If you’re unsure of a strain, or you are looking to treat a certain ailment check this site first.  Medical Jane is also a great go to for all things cannabis.


Medical Jane

How To Clone A Mom — April 14, 2017

How To Clone A Mom

In today’s blog I will write about how to clone from a mom.  First lets address the verbiage that will be used, a “mom” plant is the mother plant which typically receives 18-24 hours of light each day, this keeps the plant in a vegetative state where it will not bloom and produce buds. Cuts are made at one of the top nodes of the mom.

Always start with strong, healthy moms. A clone is a cut you take from the mother plant. With sanitized and sharpened pruning shears you want to make your cuts from the top branches.

HowToClone1Your cutting area should be clean and free of debris, ensure you have new/unused razor blades, and any rooting compound.  Once you make your cut, place the cutting in a glass of room temperature water, take one cut and place on your cutting board, with a new razor make your slice at an angel of 45 degrees at a node. Always leave 2 nodes below the cut.

Score the cut at the base and dip into a rooting compound and place the cut into a rooting cube.

Within 10-14 days you should start to see healthy, white, fuzzy roots.  We will discuss repotting the plant in next weeks blog.


Stress | Anxiety and Cannabis — April 8, 2017

Stress | Anxiety and Cannabis

Greetings all!

Today I’m going to address a few ailments that I’ve struggled with nearly my entire life in hopes to bring awareness to this very real problem.  In 1987 I experienced my first earthquake at age 13, it was the single most terrifying experience ever.  All of a sudden out of no where the earth started to shake violently, I saw my mother tossed side to side down our hallway, I saw my dad nearly drop to his knees while trying to grab my mother, my brothers running around not knowing what to do and me, I was just frozen. And then just like that it was all over!  And that my friends was the first time I experienced an anxiety attack, I had no idea what was going on, all I knew was my heart was racing, I was hyperventilating, all I could do was point and cry, I couldn’t muster the words to speak, I was literally frozen with fear.

As an adult I still experience panic/anxiety attacks. I was hopped up on all sorts of pharmaceuticals for anxiety/depression, OCD, anything they could give a pill for they did and I happily took it. From early 20’s until my late 30’s I popped pills for back pain, stress/anxiety/depression, and quite honestly, I just wanted to feel numb, until I was put into a situation where a friend rescued me with cannabis.

My mother lived in Colorado during the time she had a stroke and there was nothing I could do, I felt lost and helpless.  I was on the phone with doctors, neurosurgeons and the nurses, my mother was being well taken care of. Me on the other hand, no so much.  I had to keep it together for my mother and my kids who were visiting her at the time.  I hadn’t slept in nearly 3 days, I was exhausted, my stress and anxiety was so severe I was physically ill throwing up, horrible headaches, feeling of nausea never ceased, uncontrollable shaking and that feeling of nervousness, I just couldn’t shake it.

My good friend who’s an old time hippie handed me a little bubbler, a container of some OG and a little silicone jar of wax.  She showed me how to pack the bubbler and incorporate the wax, she said it will help with sleep as well as take the edge off. Honestly, I didn’t believe her, all I could think about was how paranoid I got thinking the Anaheim Police were flying over my house after my buddy and I smoked a blunt in my back yard when we were 18.

I broke off some wax, placed it on top of my cannabis, lit up, took a hit, and holy moly cow – that first hit, that first head high, it was GLORIOUS! I immediately felt relaxed, I couldn’t believe it!  I took another couple of hits, walked around my house and started to giggle thinking to myself “omg, I’m so high, this is so great!”.  Before I knew it, I was waking up the next day totally refreshed and revived.  I didn’t want to open my eyes, I didn’t want to face the possibility of feeling “hung over” from smoking cannabis.  Much to my surprise, I wasn’t hung over, I felt amazing, I was finally able to get the sleep I needed! I instantly fell in love with cannabis!

As stated in last weeks blog, everyone has to experiment with flower, concentrates and edibles to find what works best.  Personally, heavy Indica’s are a favorite for night time and sleep.  I still suffer from anxiety but am well in tune with my body, and can get a handle on it once the onset of it starts to surface.  If I don’t want a heavy Indica during the day, I typically will smoke or vape a Hybrid, Indica dominate oil or flower.  If I know I’m going to be in a stressful situation like festivals or business conferences where there’s thousands of people running around, I’ll take a small dose of an edible and always have my vape pen on me locked and loaded.

Toke on friends, cannabis is a clean and pure medicine for multiple ailments.  Check out some of these links for more information:

Best Strains for Anxiety

CBD & Anxiety

Best Cannabis to Relieve StressDSC01253


Cannabis Edibles….What you should know about dosing. — March 29, 2017

Cannabis Edibles….What you should know about dosing.

As a practicing medicinal cannabis patient I’ve had to experiment with multiple cannabis products to find what works best for my ailments.  I’ve had to smoke a lot of different kinds of cannabis before I found the perfect Sativa and Indica.  Edibles, flowers and concentrates all have a different “high”, and each induce a different effect, and I use each one for different times of the day.

My first recommendation is to listen to your bud tender, more times than not they have been trained and have also tried the products they work with so as to better serve the patient. Always start with a low dosage, you can always build the high, but you can’t “un-eat” the edible, start slow and low.  I typically wait 30-45 minutes after I eat an edible, if you see the effect is less than desirable, take 1/2 of a dose, at this point you will have consumed 1 1/2 doses, build 1/2 dose at a time and wait up to 30 minutes to gage full effect of the medicine.  I always suggest to first time patients of edibles to try the treats at home, be in a safe and comfortable environment.  You’ve all heard stories of patients consuming too much of an edible and being couch locked, don’t fret, the worst thing that will happen is you’ll fall asleep.  Keep in mind, edibles are a “body” high, whereas smoking/dabbing is a “head” high.  Follow the recommended dosage on the package, and wait, and then wait some more, then slowly add until you reach the sedation that suits you.

Edibles are great for pain management and insomnia. Once you’ve gaged your target dosage, I personally slowly incorporated flower into the night regimen. I typically smoke a heavy Indica for night-time which helps relax me until the edible kicks in.  During the day if I’m experiencing back pain (due to roll-over car accident) I can pretty much have my pick of any of these lovely strains and more: Girl Scout Cookie, Jack Herer, & Tangie.  GSC is a bit of a heavy hybrid, but still a go to favorite.  Both Jack and Tangie are lighter Sativas that also help if you struggle with anxiety and depression.

I have a patient who is a Veteran, and Veterans have a very special place in my heart (if you are a Veteran reading this, or Active Duty, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!), he completed several tours in Afghanistan, needless to say he came home with debilitating PTSTD.  He started to recognize he was becoming anti-social, was becoming increasingly agitated, slowly falling into a funk.  He reached out and as mentioned in the beginning he had to experiment with different products to see what works best for him.  Much to my surprise he contacted me a few days later letting me know he took a dose of edible the night before, “I’m a square in at work and damn, this is awesome! No anxiety, feel balanced, great energy”.  His message brought tears to my eyes, a Veteran, a man who willingly fought for his country and whether we agree or disagree on our government and politics, the fact remains the same, these men and women put their lives on the line for each and every one of us.  To be able to assist a Veteran, and help improve his quality of life is more than I could have ever wished for.

The cat’s out of the bag!  There is medicinal use for cannabis which targets multiple ailments. Our senior citizens are turning to cannabis as it’s showing to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Remember – no matter what edible you ingest, start small, wait (did we mention wait) and discover what works for you.

Please click on the links below for some helpful information and resources:

MedicalJane: Introduction to Edibles

HelloMD: Best Edibles for Insomnia

LeafScience: Beginners Guide to Cannabis Edibles

Photo By: Rebekah L. Baez

Edibles: Homemade by our very own ranch cultivator, Gale.DSC00987

Hiring is over for this year… — March 19, 2017