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No on AUMA — September 17, 2016

No on AUMA

The timing is wrong on AUMA; MRRSA needs more time to settle in. Basically, MRRSA is the State’s first chance at dealing with the cannabis black market – and, frankly, there is every reason to think that the black market will lead the industry for several more years. We are asking farmers to come out from behind the curtain, but not providing the assurances or the necessary help they need to do so. Farmers in Humboldt think that AUMA is just another scam intended to benefit the wealthy and the established at the expense of the local farmer.

Why not just modify, thru the legislature, the current MRRSA regulations? This would, at least, help to cut out the suspiciously wealthy middle men brokering the AUMA effort. This would, at least, let the People speak on this – thru their legislators. AUMA, itself, is written to try and satisfy too many players:

No smoking while walking; what’s this? It will certainly be ignored and it will provide a pretext for arrest.

Inability to reduce prices on products when needed; sometimes, what you grow is just not up to standard, but with AUMA, you will be stuck with it.

Helps the small farmer for a very small window; so the law will hold off the onslaught on the small farmer for a short while – that’s nice.

No samples; will cannabis be a legal business or not?

Why jail time for more than six plants per individual; this is absurd. How about a fine?

Regulations and taxes hammer the small farmer too hard; this is true of MRRSA as well. In fact, this issue is the one thing that could kill MRSSA’s success. It will destroy AUMA’s chances as well. People will fall back on California’s very well entrenched black market.

Finally, why is law enforcement given such leeway with a product that would be legal. Why can law enforcement enter any cannabis business without warrant and “inspect”? Sounds like a pretext for arrest again.

This law is setting the State up for failure. Humboldt Growers Collective does not support this and urges you to also reject this Initiative.

Thank you.

Steve Dodge
Humboldt Growers Collective, Garberville

Humboldt Growers is hiring… — August 20, 2016

Humboldt Growers is hiring…


Hello again,

We have hired our staff for 2017 –  a bunch of nice folks. But Humboldt Growers would still like to hear from you if you would have been interested. We would be happy to keep your interest letter on file – things change. You never know, eh?




Humboldt Growers Collective is seeking job applicants as we ramp up into the developing cannabis industry. Below are summaries of the job descriptions available…

We are seeking to develop a unique company culture for Humboldt Growers. We want people who will fall enchanted to the woods that surround us; people who won’t hesitate to jump into our pond…

Nursery/Field Manager
– a small, off-grid, commercial nursery that includes a cannabis farm
– ability to work in a rural constrained environment
– manage staff
– interface with sales/marketing and product management
– general mechanical experience / generator systems, water systems…
– experience with IPM application of fertilizer and pesticide
– project oriented
– includes genetics and cloning

Processing Manager

– supervise cloning and propagation
– interface closely with sales/marketing & nursery/field manager
– interface between our customer and our product
– handle all cannabis processing and nursery product development
including harvest
–  handle packaging and shipping of all nursery product
– project oriented

– interface closely with Product Manager & Nursery Manager
– create all marketing material
– handle web presence
– handle sales and support
– project oriented

Apprentice Cultivators (2)
– project oriented
– handle nursery and cannabis farm maintenance



Humboldt Growers 2016 genetics… — July 15, 2016

Humboldt Growers 2016 genetics…

We are working on a mazari/cookie cross. It is looking good – very early, mazari rugged and cookie sweet…

Just harvested the test buds. These should be THC high – should be real good for pain relief. We will test em soon.



Another experiment – mazari crossed with purple urkle


and, finally, urkle crossed to urkle.

We are planning that these crosses will stabilize into very early, very tough and very powerful cannabis. We will see..

Don’t bother with AUMA — June 19, 2016

Don’t bother with AUMA

AUMA is a poorly written initiative. MRRSA, at least, went through the legislature. Neither of these attempts at legalization have negated Federal law. That is about to change.

The DEA is re-scheduling cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 on August 1, 2016. This essentially means that cannabis will be legal with a prescription across the country; this is called federal preemption, which means federal law overrides state law. It also means that the status quo of medical cannabis in California will remain the same. You need a doctor to ensure that you need this medicine. And, it implies that cannabis use, even if recreational, will require a doctor’s prescription – kinda makes AUMA pointless, especially when you consider that MMRSA actually covers our bases already.

This is even a more definitive assurance that cannabis will no longer be prosecuted as a crime in California than the October, 2015 California Federal District Court ruling that banned the DEA from going after cannabis businesses who follow the law. Cannabis legalization is firmly walking into the main stream.

Next stop – drop AUMA and amend MMRSA for recreational use through our legislature.

Write your representative and tell them so.

June 2016 Larry OG sea of green… — June 11, 2016
Humboldt Spring… — June 7, 2016
Late Spring Bears… — June 5, 2016
We won it, now own it! — May 18, 2016

We won it, now own it!

The MMRSA laws have ushered in a new era. The feds have pulled out of California and dropped their cases against compliant California entities, funds have been pulled for recreational enforcement, and eradication funds have been moved over to the environmental compliance agencies. The State has produced a very forward thinking environmental agriculture law.  The State is backing the Humboldt brand – we will have a gold label through the track and trace system to protect the validity of the Humboldt product.  At this point, all we need to do is get along with each other and start building a functional cannabis industry within our communities.  

Now more than ever we need everyone to work together. We are still “small’ farmers when considered individually.  We are known for unyielding individualism in  protest of the “evil empire”, however, in this story, WE are the empire…….for the first time ever not so evil. Our community is composed entirely of lower and middle class families and is estimated to be producing 70% of the country’s cannabis! These days entities of this size are almost always controlled by the upper class.

In the years to come, cannabis will continue to change the world. We are all scared of Monsanto or the Bulgarians taking over.  We should be!  but today, considered as a unified entity, we are the ones everyone is scared of.  If AUMA passes, five years from now Monsanto and the Bulgarians will pull permits for 1000 acre farms and there won’t be a Humboldt County any more unless we stand together right now. The CCVH was disbanded because we could not bring each other closer to the decision making process.  We are known in our communities for sometimes over thinking things and then bickering while nothing gets done.

We are all being portrayed as lawless rogue anti-environmentalists by AUMA, the Regional Water Board, and Fish and Wildlife…… people and media outside Humboldt County don’t differentiate between the Humboldt Heritage effort and the so-called commercial canna farms.

We are purposely being cut out of the legal industry in California for two reasons. Dispensaries see us as a threat. Monsanto sees us as a threat.  We are the only nationwide cannabis brand. We have done this without any media hype or publicity stunts….we just offer the best product. Do not doubt; these folks are scared of us and they want to bring us down. Vote NO on AUMA!

The success of an economy is measured by the health of its middle class. The elite have always eliminated the middle class to take control. The so-called commercial farms in So Hum are the middle class. If they don’t make it…we don’t make it.

Consider two potential futures: In the first one , we allow zero impact farms of any size in Humboldt County so that we can be agile enough to meet our market demands. We form an development organization to help locals purchase and manage responsibly ALL Humboldt County cannabis lands – radical idea? Perhaps. But we want to keep the truely large entities out.

Right now large entities are offering our neighbors double and triple the value of their land to allow really big business to move in. In the second potential future five years from now, these guys will be growing most of the cannabis in Humboldt County.  If you don’t like the big guys today, you are going to hate the ones coming tomorrow. You will wish you had kept the ones that grew up here!

Monsanto will be up here buying land from aging hippies who want big checks for retirement; and rather than making sure the land goes to local stewards, it will go to the big boys.  Unfortunately, on the Humboldt Heritage budget there is no money left over to buy your neighbor’s forty when he dies!


Vote NO on AUMA!

Spider Mite — April 16, 2016

Spider Mite

Few cannabis farmers haven’t had the joy of spider mites – and regretted the experience. My friend Joe thought to expand on that a little…

Morning comes to a world, a morning which goes unnoticed by generations as they bask under the blaze that mercilessly fills the sky – they are forced to cling to the leaf’s shaded underside. This morning brings a vision of harsh life that is plagued by horror so profound that if recreated on a larger scale would surely reduce the stoutest man to mewling fear. The very ground, which heaves in twists with unimaginable violence in a never ending hurricane wind, is pocked by thousands of milky white, opaque egg sacs which wriggle with anticipation of their imminent release. Chewing their way out of their confinement, these newborns at once scurry at immense speed along the ground, puncturing it with their mandibles and greedily sucking up the plant juice which sustains them. As they forage wider and wider they clamber over the unborn and the dead and the dying in a never ending search for sustenance.

The world is harsh and competitive enough without the existence of immense and destructive gods, many billions of times the size of their humble subjects, who have no other pleasure than to devise hideous new methods of extermination. Entire clutches of eggs and the adults would disappear, the very ground they inhabited excised by the mysterious deities. Apparently the disappearance of entire populations, as horrible and unexplained as it was, was not cruel enough to entertain the gods and they conjured up other plagues. Oily, sweet smelling liquid death came from above and below forcing the millions of hideous creatures to flee, ignoring those trapped in a sweet smelling liquid which drowned their very bodies. Without warning the suns would blink out of existence, cold settling in and noxious fumes would permeate every available molecule of air, the flesh of the eggs and the adults turn to dust.

There were those who survived, to clamber out of their congenital prisons and scuttle forth, with scores of suffocating larvae underfoot, trapped by the film of liquid. Those that survived matured faster and grew stronger, they found that they could stand in poisonous yellow clouds and the gale force of deadly sweet smelling mists. They orgy over the desiccating corpses of the weak where they had fallen in place, ignoring the gods attempts at extermination, feasting and coupling and rolling over the living and dead surrounded by noxious clouds. All at once the revelry is disturbed by a new threat surely visited on them by their violent deities, cast down upon the scenes of macabre hedonism; immense predators of black and red rain down from the sky and at once set upon the living. As strong as they have become, they still flee in front of the Goliath hunters who were very much like themselves in their insatiable quest for reproduction and sustenance, only they sustain themselves on the flesh of the minuscule inhabitants. A holocaust begins and all are consumed, the eggs are especially targeted as they cannot move. The hunt lasts for generations until finally the destroyers themselves perish, leaving behind a wasteland of dried husks of flesh, spilling out tangles of silk that blow across the ground and wrap everything in a fine shroud.

A single egg remains blissfully unaware of the fate of all who came before, tucked into a small crevice, and blisters out of its sac, beginning the life cycle again as she can reproduce without sex, creating males in enormous clutches, one of whom will surely find one of the other surviving females and create a new the hellish, crawling landscape. The gods continue in their wrath and every inch of organic matter is removed and the suns blink out for uncountable generations.


After battling spider mites for a while, I began to realize their amazing tenacity and the adverse conditions that had created them. To visualize their world up close was to visualize hell itself, and I just wanted to explore that concept a little.


Cannabis Strain Pictures… — February 19, 2016