Harvest is fading away…

  The beginning of the season… Yeah, we got banana flowers on the farm.   Early, early we installed our beds.   Tick tock; the buds did come. This one is a Cookie…oh, I wish it kept its flush after harvest. and this one is brand new; we made this right here on the farm – an urkle/cookie (does that make it Ookie?) Now, this is the Cookie when it is all dried and cured up pretty.   Now, we are sending these eighths on out under our own label – Humboldt Growers Network. Seemed like it would be forever … Continue reading Harvest is fading away…

2018 Cannabis Bed Preparation…

so, we had to move our gardens up out of the woods and put them on government “approved” ground – the only ground that would please them was my previous vegetable garden. Here is a sequence of images from bare ground to the finished and planted bed. When we are done, we expect each 25 square feet to produce about a pound and a half.       And, we ran out of soil; so, we will use beds targeted for the new veggie garden. Continue reading 2018 Cannabis Bed Preparation…


  The way we sell products is changing and it seems like the distributors want your trim and don’t want your flower. How do you spend $500+/lb in production, while selling trim at $50/lb.?? With that plan, you can’t afford to trim your flower. Can we keep our high grade flower market? Not if you are selling it for what it cost you to grow. That won’t work. The distributors are each looking to sign up 200 plus farms based on the amount of trim they need a year for their business plan….. 200 farms x 300 lbs per farm … Continue reading Biomass

From back to the landers to take back the landers

  Here are some thoughts to consider : There has been a running sentiment in our community for a long time, “get these green rush’n, big money growers out of our community”. For them, the breaking point may have been reached and now they are leaving. Bankrupt in all likelihood. This will give those who have wanted them gone an opportunity to retake the land. It would be nice to have a mechanism by which those properties being vacated can go to faithful stewards of the land or new families moving in to staff all of our farms. The real … Continue reading From back to the landers to take back the landers

New Year’s Resolutions for the Humboldt grower – an attack plan in 21 points

Start acting like farmers. This is not a hobby. This is not a hippy summer camp. Take this seriously. This is an energetic lifestyle. Get up at 5am. Work 365 days a year. Plants never sleep. Work with people who have a sense of urgency about making Humboldt farms successful. Assemble your A-team and bring your A-game. Prove that your sungrown is better than indoor. Adopt a business model that has successful precedent in the real world. Start paying people salaries instead of percentages. Stop paying $200/unit to trim. Maintain your own genetics. Don’t just rely on whatever you can … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions for the Humboldt grower – an attack plan in 21 points

What we have done:

The people of Humboldt County have done amazing work as Americans in the fight for cannabis legalization. Make no mistake, cannabis was legalized in California by the mass of people growing it. A breaking point had to be reached to bring about legalization. The bubble popped. This was the first war to my knowledge fought by families with plants in their hands rather than swords. We have just been a part of one of the most rigorous tests our Constitution has ever been put through. If we had been somewhere else, this would have either been a cartel run industry … Continue reading What we have done:

Humboldt Growers Collective has seeds…

Humboldt Growers Collective has a selection of 2017 cannabis seeds available to its members. These were propagated and harvested here on the farm. Please get in touch if you would like more information. You must have proof of your 215 and join the Collective.

You can reach us at answers.humboldtgrowers@gmail.com.

We plan to offer many stains. A few are shown below; email us to find out what else we have available.

One of the strains the Collective can offer is Grand Daddy Purple. This is an F3 that has been backcrossed to its 2016 parent.


Another of the strains the Collective can offer is Harlequin Tsunami, known for its CBD rich cannabis. This is also an F3 – based on the original work of Larry Ringo.


And then, we have our own OG strain; this is in part based on Rascal and our own developed OG, which we call Hez. Continue reading “Humboldt Growers Collective has seeds…”