Mazar: The search for the “Black Afi” has driven the No. Cal’s. consumer and breeders for generations. today this “Mazar” proliferates in many forms. Breeders across the state are constantly working to combine the robust structure and high potency of the Mazar i Sherif land races with a variety of sativa flavors. This menu catalogue’s several popular iterations. All of which are descendants of “Purple”.


COOKIE: 2008 MAZAR: Indica dominant. Purple x OG Kush. This cultivar is the first cut, given to us by the creator of GSC. a Humboldt County original, Cookie was created with the intent of saving the market by combining OG and Purple. 2 cultivars vying for most popular. Cookie is the reincarnation of the purple mazar “Black Afi” family and has few OG traits. Slowly but surely she has become Cali’s top seller. Reasserting the Mazar genetics in the market.

MENDO: 2013 MAZAR: Indica dominant. Cookie x OG Kush. This cultivar has the made the classics menu because it embodies a tradition of complex mazar flavors that perfectly represents the emerald triangles legacy genetics.

OG: 2005 KUSH: Indica dominant. Hindu Kush X Mexican Sativa:. The Original Gangster. Ocean grown. A rose by any other name…..This cultivar is from the dark ages. A cross of Hindu Kush and Mexican Sativa. OG’s are the cultivars that killed the cannabis market. Really. The last stable 4000$ a lb indoor market was preOG. The market transition from purple mazars to Og Kush market the official switch from a seller’s market to a buyers market. A truly historic event the market has neve recovered from.

POLECAT: 1991 SKUNK: Sativa dominant. This original landrace is retro now. We started growing this in the late 80’s when Humboldt went indoors. Interestingly importing dutch genetics rather than planting their own Mazar cultivars under lights. Eventually local Mazar replaced Skunks on the california indoor flower market. We haven’t seen Skunk on the menu for 20 years!

SOUR: 2003 SKUNK: Sativa dominant. Pure gas. In the days when our marketplace was the big apple we picked up this cultivar from an east coast buyer. A unique cut that finishes in 8 weeks. Perfectly suited to commercial light deprivation at low elevations. She will never let you down!

BAND: 2009 SKUNK: Sativa dominant. Sour Diesel reimagined. Headband is her “sweet n sour” sister. Every bit the producer and often fuller flavor with a blue color. A California favorite.

DREAM: 2006 HAZE: Sativa dominant. Silver haze x Blue Dragon. . This is the easiest to farm of the Haze family. This mild blueberry flavored cultivar has been a winner for more than a decade. Still one of the countries best sellers in any market.

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Cultivar descriptions


GADERAID: 2017 MAZAR: Indica dominant. Purple Punch x Mazar Reserve. Proprietary genetics. This cultivar was imagined as a marriage of mazari potency and fruity flavors. What we got was a gassy grape flavored unicorn. This indica is the gassiest flavor profile on our menu.

JEDI: 2007 KUSH: Indica dominant. Propagated by the infamous Jed Sherman. This is one of Humboldt Counties great legacies. The Lamborghini of OG phenotypes.

LEMOLADE: 2015 KUSH: Sativa dominant. Lemon Kush x OG: . This Humboldt Growers recent addition has the highest terp profile of any lemon pheno we’ve seen. It’s only matched by how smooth it smokes.Tastes like lemon heads!

CHERRY: 2011 THAI: Sativa dominant Cherry x AK47: This Sonoma County Original created by SPANKY, is the hottest cherry pheno on the market. This is the funnest plant to farm too!


RAZ: 2014 2:1 CBD HAZE: Sativa dominant. This proprietary cultivar is a Haze like sativa. It’s hard to find CBD that smells and smokes this good. This is like a fine merlot……good to the last drop. Deep robust raspberry flavors. Fucsia colors and huge puffy flowers.

MIKE: 2015 25:1 CBD CONGOLESE: Sativa dominant. This proprietary cultivar was created by the late great geneticist “MIke”. This rare below 1% THC breed is popular with entry level smokers and medical patients who want to inhale their CBD. It very hard to find a CBD with this profile that also tastes great!


GRAPE: 2009 MAZAR: Indica dominant. Purple x Skunk. Loud as grape candy. This cultivar delivers potency and punch!

GELATO: 2012 MAZAR: Indica dominant. Sherbet x Thin Mint. After 8.
CREAM: 2012 MAZAR: Indica dominant. Cookie x tangy. Smooth like cream soda.

CAKE: 2014 SKUNK: Sativa dominant. Cookie x Cherry Pie
PINK: 2010 SKUNK: Sativa dominant. This gassy girl will be a classic!

LIME: 2015 SKUNK: Sativa dominant. This high CBG pheno is smooth easy smokin! Subtle yet distinct lime flavor.

PUNCH: 2018 SKUNK: Sativa Dominant. Cherry Pie x Purple Punch. Fruity and gassy

FRUIT: 2015 DURBAN: Sativa dominant. Durban poison x Tangerine: Forbidden Fruit is quickly becoming a favorite. This easy smoking

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Cultivar descriptions

DOS: 2013 DURBAN: Sativa dominant. Cookie x Durban Poison. Her intoxicating lemon pine aroma always pleases