We are moving forward, despite our challenges, and that is a relief. Our Farms made excellent harvests of top grade product – we are pretty happy. Our second run is planted and staring Fall in the face. Farming; I tell you.

Our distributorship, based in Santa Rosa, is poised to acquire a second facility smack dab in the middle of Southern Humboldt and we will initially offer wholesale, storage and processing. Finalized in about six weeks.

Our wholesale cannabis nursery is very much on track but the process is moving slowly.

The 2019 harvest is reflected in the menu at the top of the page. Our Classics are featuring our Cookie at 24% THC and our Sour at 23%. Our proprietary cultivars are really showing their stuff this season – both Gaderaid and our CBD twosome, Raz(11%/7%) and Mike(15%/.5%).  Among our Flavored options, you will find a lot to please. Look at Grape and at Glue, both showing at 28% THC. And what about the Gelato and the DOS? Oh, that Durban is to die for.

Couple asides,

The olive orchard is packed with plump and healthy olives this year and it is a lot of fun walking under the trees. We planted quite a bit of banana around the pond; a fool’s errand probably, but they are looking good – I will have to get a picture posted