In today’s blog I will write about how to clone from a mom.  First lets address the verbiage that will be used, a “mom” plant is the mother plant which typically receives 18-24 hours of light each day, this keeps the plant in a vegetative state where it will not bloom and produce buds. Cuts are made at one of the top nodes of the mom.

Always start with strong, healthy moms. A clone is a cut you take from the mother plant. With sanitized and sharpened pruning shears you want to make your cuts from the top branches.

HowToClone1Your cutting area should be clean and free of debris, ensure you have new/unused razor blades, and any rooting compound.  Once you make your cut, place the cutting in a glass of room temperature water, take one cut and place on your cutting board, with a new razor make your slice at an angel of 45 degrees at a node. Always leave 2 nodes below the cut.

Score the cut at the base and dip into a rooting compound and place the cut into a rooting cube.

Within 10-14 days you should start to see healthy, white, fuzzy roots.  We will discuss repotting the plant in next weeks blog.