There are always bad apples. But the demonizing of our local Humboldt growers as a group is not innocent; nor is it warranted. It is not innocent as there often seems to be an agenda as a subtext to this kind of thing. It is unwarranted because our County’s growing community has hundreds and hundreds of hardworking, and kind, people who are NOT trying to take advantage of anyone. Or cheat; or steal.

I feel that the people who are pushing this narrative need to get off their high horse and start looking for ways to better our situation, instead of trying to shut down the local farmers through innuendo.

A recent fictional story on Redheaded Blackbelt tried to capitalize on the false perception that growers are all mentally addled low lifes. We have a problem with low lifes, no doubt; but it is not our farmers.

The narrative that is sensational is not always the real one.

What about the farmer whose latest employee couldn’t get back to Spain, so they gave her the money she needed and didn’t ask anything? Come on, people are helping people all over Humboldt.

What about the farmer that paid their worker their fair compensation even though that worker cut loose and left them hanging? They could have said screw you, but they didn’t.

What about the farmer that can hire the same people over and over again, thus helping them to have a steady income? Could this be the action of someone trying to rip their worker off?

Just like the police officer that stopped to help an elderly man to change his tire recently – the action of a real human being – our farmers are real human beings – not caricatures of some imaginary bad guy.