We are interested in filling our new position of Cannabis Cultivator. Please email us a cover letter, resume and your references if you are interested.

This job could start immediately. Our Cannabis Cultivator will interface closely with our Product and Field Managers. Our farm team is project oriented. You will assist at every level of cannabis production.

We are a small nursery, offering both nursery products as well as cannabis products. Just now, the focus in the nursery will be on our wholesale maples and our herbal products; while the focus of our cannabis products will be directed to seeds, clones and medicinal preparations. We want to win awards this year!

We are very rural; housing in town is very limited so we offer some options on the Ranch. If you do not want to live and work in the country, don’t bother with us. If it seems that we might be a fit, we would like to interview you.

We are looking for professional candidates who realize the potential of a job with us. We want people who can think outside the box. Perhaps that person is you.

Please get in touch. Thanks.


answers.humboldtgrowers@gmail.com / Box 1666, Redway, CA 95560