Both Prop S, the County cannabis tax proposal and Prop 64, the State cannabis legalization initiative, are disasters. These proposals are both poorly thought out. And Prop 64 smacks of collusion with big money and big corporations. Without question, these proposed laws need to be defeated.

Raising tax dollars on the County’s cannabis cultivation is not a crazy idea. That revenue could help the residents of Humboldt. But the effort must be delayed until farmers have had an opportunity to establish themselves. Immediately charging Humboldt cannabis farmers, at minimum, $5000 to $10,000 per year (not to mention a possible $15,000 to $30,000 per year) will put a severe damper on our growers; in fact, this tax will almost certainly push cannabis farmers back into the black market and probably keep them there. Why is the County so coy about when cannabis farmers will need to pay these square foot taxes? Is it before planting or is it at harvest? There are a lot of bumps between one and the other. Proposition S is too much, too soon.

Prop 64, AUMA, is a disaster for California and its cannabis farmers. AUMA is very poorly thought out legislation. It smacks of big money and big corporations attempting to set the law up to benefit them and, in the end, not the small farmer. There are many problems with this initiative, but, perhaps, the biggest issue is that it will almost certainly drive, again, the cannabis farmers who are attempting to become compliant with the law back into the black market. This black market has supported the illegal growers for many years and if new laws attempt to overly restrict or overly tax these growers, they will throw their hands up.

Humboldt Growers Collective urges each of you to vote against both Proposition S and Proposition 64.
Thank you.

Steve Dodge
Humboldt Growers Collective, Garberville, CA