The timing is wrong on AUMA; MRRSA needs more time to settle in. Basically, MRRSA is the State’s first chance at dealing with the cannabis black market – and, frankly, there is every reason to think that the black market will lead the industry for several more years. We are asking farmers to come out from behind the curtain, but not providing the assurances or the necessary help they need to do so. Farmers in Humboldt think that AUMA is just another scam intended to benefit the wealthy and the established at the expense of the local farmer.

Why not just modify, thru the legislature, the current MRRSA regulations? This would, at least, help to cut out the suspiciously wealthy middle men brokering the AUMA effort. This would, at least, let the People speak on this – thru their legislators. AUMA, itself, is written to try and satisfy too many players:

No smoking while walking; what’s this? It will certainly be ignored and it will provide a pretext for arrest.

Inability to reduce prices on products when needed; sometimes, what you grow is just not up to standard, but with AUMA, you will be stuck with it.

Helps the small farmer for a very small window; so the law will hold off the onslaught on the small farmer for a short while – that’s nice.

No samples; will cannabis be a legal business or not?

Why jail time for more than six plants per individual; this is absurd. How about a fine?

Regulations and taxes hammer the small farmer too hard; this is true of MRRSA as well. In fact, this issue is the one thing that could kill MRSSA’s success. It will destroy AUMA’s chances as well. People will fall back on California’s very well entrenched black market.

Finally, why is law enforcement given such leeway with a product that would be legal. Why can law enforcement enter any cannabis business without warrant and “inspect”? Sounds like a pretext for arrest again.

This law is setting the State up for failure. Humboldt Growers Collective does not support this and urges you to also reject this Initiative.

Thank you.

Steve Dodge
Humboldt Growers Collective, Garberville