Hello again,

We have hired our staff for 2017 –  a bunch of nice folks. But Humboldt Growers would still like to hear from you if you would have been interested. We would be happy to keep your interest letter on file – things change. You never know, eh?




Humboldt Growers Collective is seeking job applicants as we ramp up into the developing cannabis industry. Below are summaries of the job descriptions available…

We are seeking to develop a unique company culture for Humboldt Growers. We want people who will fall enchanted to the woods that surround us; people who won’t hesitate to jump into our pond…

Nursery/Field Manager
– a small, off-grid, commercial nursery that includes a cannabis farm
– ability to work in a rural constrained environment
– manage staff
– interface with sales/marketing and product management
– general mechanical experience / generator systems, water systems…
– experience with IPM application of fertilizer and pesticide
– project oriented
– includes genetics and cloning

Processing Manager

– supervise cloning and propagation
– interface closely with sales/marketing & nursery/field manager
– interface between our customer and our product
– handle all cannabis processing and nursery product development
including harvest
–  handle packaging and shipping of all nursery product
– project oriented

– interface closely with Product Manager & Nursery Manager
– create all marketing material
– handle web presence
– handle sales and support
– project oriented

Apprentice Cultivators (2)
– project oriented
– handle nursery and cannabis farm maintenance