For 100 years, we allowed our Eel river to divert into the Russian river because we could not stop it, but that has changed. Cannabis farming in our County will need access to its own resources. 

The 9000 grape growers in California average a profit of $400,000 a year. This totals $4.5 billion statewide annually.  However, they are irrigating an average 100 acres each to gain those profits.  Cannabis is more water frugal than that. And cannabis is estimated to yield an equivalent income annually in Humboldt County alone while occuping almost 1000 times less area. 

There are 50,000+ cannabis growers in California.  If they grow an average of ⅛ acre each for an average profit of $400,000 a year, this is a potential of $20 billion statewide annually. If cannabis used the same amount of water the vineyards are using now, the state would be seeing at least three times the tax dollars! Give the water back to the cannabis growers; give the water back to the Eel river! 

There are around 400 grape growers in Napa Valley and around 4000 cannabis growers in Humboldt County. There are around 80,000 farms and ranches in California.  The cannabis farmer  will, potentially, represent around 40% of the California agricultural community when we have tooled up. Like Sunkist, composed of 6000 family farms, each averaging 40 acres, we can unite to get what we need. 

This isn’t an underdog battle that can’t be won, we got this one in the bag. We’ll do it the Great American way…. We will buy our water back. The State wants our tax dollars and we can create, like Sunkist, an influential agricultural lobby. We can expect to get what we need  – a higher State water priority and desperately needed infrastructure for the SoHum Farmer!