The only way to control pests is pre-emptively. Kill um b’fore ya see um!  Large animals can be stopped with permanent “one time fixes”; for deer it is with a metal fence.  Don’t waste time every year installing plastic fencing.  It is an environmental hazard.

One of the best ways to stop rodents is with the “bucket trap.” Bucket traps are much cheaper, easier and more permanent when compared with poison. Once you have installed the bucket traps around the perimeter of your operation, all you have to do is keep them clean and replace the bait.  There is no need to use poison.  Let’s walk through the installation of the bucket trap.

You will need a five gallon bucket, heavy gauge bailing wire (use the bucket handle), 2 ft. of 1.5” pvc, and an electric drill with a 1/8th” bit.  Once you have the ingredients begin construction.

The idea is that the tube acts like a teeter totter on the wire.  The vermin enters the tube attracted to the bait at the tube’s end.  When it’s weight gets past the wire, it will cause the tube to swing down, depositing the pest into a bucket half full of water.  Then the tube will swing back up and return to its original position, ready for the next varment!

  1. Remove the bucket handle and straighten it out.
  2. Measure and cut your pvc so that it rests on one edge of the bucket(so critters can enter the tube) and make sure the tube is not so close to the opposite edge that the critter can jump from the end of the tube to the edge of the bucket and escape.
  3. Drill a hole through the bucket at the same level as the holes the handle are at.  Make your hole off center, closer to the edge of the bucket.  This will allow enough room for the tube to swing.  Drill a hole at the bottom edge of the 1.5” pvc. at least 6” from the end of the tube.  Thread the wire through both the bucket and the tube. The tube should swing down with just a small amount of weight in it. The tube should also swing back into position with ease.
  4. Apply peanut butter to the end of the tube.
  5. Fill the five gallon bucket up with about a foot of water.
  6. Now dig yourself a hole at the perimeter of your desired “line of defense”, and drop your bucket in.
  7. The critters should enter the tube end that rests on the ground trying to get the peanut butter, the teetertotter should swing down and deposit them in the water. Clean at least once a week.
  8. Install as many as are necessary.
  9. Works every time!

Every cultivator should implement this system as soon as they can. Tell your neighbors so they can get this going as well. We can all say,”We are only killing the animals that threaten our crops!”