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Northern California’s Lost Coast is a wonderland of rolling hills and ancient forests, steeped in outlaw history. The place is the Bermuda Triangle of the West, shrouded in the mystique of the counter cultural revolution that has taken place here over the last 35 years. Humboldt County growers have set the international gold standard for quality in cannabis production. With  legalization, Humboldt County Network is moved by the same keen sense of urgency, a concern that Humboldt County small farmers, with their exceptional product, will be cut out of the cannabis trade. We are at ground zero. Our reputation is unrivaled. Our local genetics have dominated the world market for over 30 years. But it is all at risk.

We will stand our ground as best we can. As all of us must.

Through a combination of research, interviews and editorials, we are bringing to light issues and offering solutions relevant to cannabis farming in Humboldt County and across the State. Humboldt Growers Network is about offering answers. Humboldt Growers Network wants to foster Humboldt cannabis.

By engaging together, we can support each other. We want Humboldt County’s reputation to continue to dominate the world of cannabis as it has for many years.



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we encourage readers to remain in strict compliance with municipal, county and state laws and regulations; as well adapting to future, ever-changing applicable laws.

Humboldt Growers Fall Menu — August 19, 2019
Can we pick your brain? — August 3, 2019
February 10, 2019… — February 11, 2019

February 10, 2019…


We don’t get much wintery snow around here, but last night it came in as heavy as it does at our elevation of 1280 feet. The snow is still falling as the morning comes on.

This is a prospect of the cannabis garden over our olive trees. You can see the greenhouses and the covered beds. Tractor ready to go.



The Cannabis Show… —

The Cannabis Show…


KMUD Community Radio’s The Cannabis Show (91.1FM) was chosen as 2018’s favorite talk show by the station’s members. Steve Dodge blogs here. And he and Sunshine Johnston and our engineer Margaret thank our community. Homegrown Farms, Mazari Farms, Flore Farms, Homegrown Nursery and Humboldt Growers Network are proud to have helped the show whenever we could.

We will try to do as well next year

Pretty cool, eh?

2018 favorite talk show

Harvest is fading away… — November 10, 2018

Harvest is fading away…


The beginning of the season…


Yeah, we got banana flowers on the farm.


Early, early we installed our beds.



Tick tock; the buds did come.

This one is a Cookie…oh, I wish it kept its flush after harvest.


and this one is brand new; we made this right here on the farm – an urkle/cookie (does that make it Ookie?)IMG_3990

Now, this is the Cookie when it is all dried and cured up pretty.



Now, we are sending these eighths on out under our own label – Humboldt Growers Network. Seemed like it would be forever before we got here – but here we are.IMG_3068-1

And the Fall creeps in…



The season is starting up… — July 6, 2018
Flore down in the Castro… — June 10, 2018

Flore down in the Castro…

There is some confusion over at The commenters are knee jerking – they have not bothered to understand the whole situation.

Let’s start with our local Humboldt County farmers. Both Humboldt Growers Network and Flore want to support those hard working farmers – it is hysteria to think that helping our farmers is equivalent to milking them. Humboldt Growers Network fully intends to bring as much Humboldt pot to market as we can and we have developed a relationship with Flore and we hope it grows. I am an old San Francisco boy and I can’t think of a better clientle to serve than the Castro community and San Francisco. We up here in Humboldt are a natural fit with San Francisco and the Bay Area – hey, its always been the City to us. And why wouldn’t San Francisco want to get its hands on the best cannabis out there – especially when you consider that Humboldt is one of the few places you can get clean, killer pot.

The destroyed lives of innocent children… — June 8, 2018
Ecole… — May 30, 2018


Years ago, maybe 23 years, I took my 11 year old daughter down to Pucon, Chile for a month. We have a small investment in a hostel down there. We were down to backpack and visit the fjords much further to the south.

It was a really great trip. The people were terrific and the town of Pucon was unique. Ecole itself is packed with travelers, mainly South Americans and Europeans – a couple of gringos thrown in. Ecole is very active in the Chilean ecology effort – particularly the Alerce. There is a volcano looking over the town; as we sat on the hostel deck drinking beers in the evenings, we could see the glowing red rim of the thing above us; but there is also a large lake and beach. It was super hot.

Humboldt Growers Network is now bringing Ecole into the fold a little; at least enough to let you know about it. Authenticity is something that we reach out for in all the businesses we work with. Ecole has got this.

We are happy to introduce you to the place. It is a long way off, it really is; but you will never regret the adventure.

Here are a couple of pictures from back then; I will see if I can get some new ones soon.

Party on the Patio-1

A bunch of our friends setting in the Ecole courtyard. That’s me in the white shirt with the glasses. My daughter is next to me.

Girl on Horse

Here’s my daughter on her first horse in the Andes.

Orchard house flower garden… — May 6, 2018